• Music from the Movies

Music from the Movies
by Andrew Keech

Shivers, by composer Alan Williams (other scores include Island of the Sharks and Tiny Heroes) is the soundtrack from the family adventure film The Clubhouse Detectives, with this excellent soundtrack taking its name from one of the film's songs. Alan William's score is a wonderful combination of piano solos and an orchestral splendor as well as darker suspense passages.

The score opens with a mesmeric, melodic theme played on the solo piano that bursts into a charming happy orchestral romp. Later cues become more solemn, with a haunting trumpet, but soon the adventure sequences take over, varying between tension laden suspense cues, like 'The Basement', and bold orchestral action tracks, like 'Race To Tell Mom'. The CD also contains two very different vocal versions of the strong and dramatic song 'All Too Brief A Love' as well as the manic pop song 'Shivers'.

Alan Williams demonstrates considerable diversity in his approach to scoring Shivers as well as an aptitude to exploiting a good theme. Shivers is an interesting score, with cues to satisfy most tastes and some very memorable action cues.